Real-Time Problem Solving with Stu Winby

A client Q&A with Stu Winby, CEO of Spring Network regarding the graphic facilitation services of Griot's Eye.

Q&A with Stu Winby


Client Interview


May 12, 2021

Real-Time Problem Solving with Stu Winby

 [Stu Winby is Founder and CEO of Spring Network, an organization strategy and design firm headquartered in the Silicon Valley.

Spring Network counsels senior leaders on how to transition their enterprises from tightly managed hierarchies into flexible, distributed networks that outstrip the status quo’s business results.]


First a little context – can you tell us why you were interested in hiring a graphic recorder in the first place?

In August of 2018 we were conducting a multi-company design lab event in the Silicon Valley and needed expert graphics help. The session focused on creating possible scenario solutions on how to better align socio-technical system solutions to digital transformation efforts


What made you decide to choose Griot’s Eye over other graphic recording companies? (What was different about us?)

This meeting was going to be attended by some of the most prestigious companies in the world such as Google, Nike, Shell, Amgen, MagellanHealth, BASF,  and Deutsche Bank. We were looking for someone with experience and a proven track record of high-quality work. I have known Christopher Fuller, the founder and as he likes to call himself, “Chief Scribe” since working with him at Catholic Health Initiatives Nebraska (then known as Alegent Health) over fourteen years ago.


Participants from Spring Network's Design Lab where Griot's Eye provided graphic facilitation and graphic recording services

Can you take us to the moment when you realized our service was succeeding in helping you achieve your goals?

On day one Christopher drew some images from our opening dialogue that really encapsulated our thoughts in a way that was both intelligent and fun. Working the whole group real time in problem solving withChristopher is a skill not many graphic recorders can do. In fact, I do not know anyone who can do this quite like Christopher.

 "Griot’s Eye is the best in the field!"

Can you tell us what the general consensus was from your meeting participants regarding the graphic recording services of Griot’s Eye?

A+ satisfaction. Many satisfied customers.


Illustrated depiction from the Design Lab showing facilitator Stu Winby with Griot's Eye scribe, Christopher Fuller

Finally, would you recommend others hire a graphic recorder from Griot’s Eye for their next meeting and/or strategy session?

Absolutely no reservations. Griot’s Eye is the best in the field!

If you're a facilitator, event coordinator or work with an organization seeking to make your next meeting a more impactful and meaningful experience then take the next step!

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