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Graphic scribing for the Orlando Sapphire Conference by Christopher Fuller

Remote Scribing: How It Works

remote digital graphic facilitation services
remote digital graphic facilitation services

Listening: We will listen in remotely to your meeting on a dial-in. Prior to the kickoff of the meeting, a 30-minute tech check-in is required to ensure that sound and video quality are acceptable.

Digital Scribing: In real-time we will remotely graphic record your meeting digitally capturing the main ideas, high-level story, and key concepts using a Wacom tablet and drawing software.

Real-time Sharing: Using a meeting app (e.g. Zoom) the graphics may be shared in real-time on your in-house monitor. Or you may choose to only distribute the final visuals post-meeting with your standard work-product documentation. 

Final Digital Product & Distribution: After the session, the work is then edited. A final graphic is delivered (as high-res JPGs or a PDF slide deck) within 24-48 hours depending on the length of the project.

remote digital graphic facilitation services
remote digital graphic facilitation services

Our Services

Best graphic recording services

Graphic Facilitation

Graphic facilitation is the craft of visually documenting small and large group dialogues, speaker presentations, conference Q&A sessions, and other meeting and workshop communications through real-time drawings, mind-mapping, illustrated metaphors, iconography, and symbology.

Best graphic recording services

Presentation Design & Illustration

Visualization in the form of infographics, models, and illustrations don’t just make your presentations more dynamic they are becoming an expected element in today’s complex and competitive business world. Griot’s Eye can help you make more captivating and effective presentations through its hand-drawn graphics, design, and illustration services.

Why produce a cookie-cutter PowerPoint slide deck when Griot’s Eye can help you create something truly memorable?

Best graphic recording services

Video Services

Video tutorials and whiteboard explanations videos have exploded over the last several years! And there’s a good reason why. One single minute of video is worth 1.8 million words (according to a study by Forrester).

Griot’s Eye has produced whiteboard explanation videos for major companies such as Kaiser Permanente, AXA, and Nestlé Waters.

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