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Griot's Eye

Learn More About Griot's Eye

The Story of Griot's Eye

Christopher Fuller founded Griot's Eye in 1998 with a mission to use the power of graphics and rapid visualization to assist organizations in telling their stories. Whether those stories are told via a meeting dialogue, conference Q&A session, or speaker presentation, Griot's Eye unites words, images, and symbols into a powerful, insightful, and memorable illustrated story. Our illustrated works facilitate participants' understanding of complex views and major themes by providing a dynamic graphical record of the important ideas, and critical topics from their meeting or workgroup sessions.

Our handpicked associates are talented and experienced in graphic facilitation and have worked with many top organizations on a myriad of subjects from Y2K, and homeland security, to healthcare reform, and strategic and tactical information technology implementations. Whether it is providing real-time graphic recording at your meeting or workshop or creating illustrations for posters, marketing materials, or internal PowerPoint presentations, we provide excellent, professional services.

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