Graphic facilitation is the craft of visually documenting small and large group dialogues, speaker presentations, conference Q&A sessions, and other meeting and workshop communications through real-time drawings, mind-mapping, illustrated metaphors, iconography, and symbology. As practiced by Griot's Eye, it is a distinctive and eye opening experience that helps participants recall the major themes and discussions from their meeting and work sessions.

Typically, a graphic recorder uses markers, poster boards, large format paper, and or write-on / wipe-off work walls to create a compelling graphic illustration tof important topics as they are discussed. This as-it-happens graphic capture is usually completed in front of the participants' eyes so that they may watch the evolution of their conversations and use the record to help illuminate their ideas.

Once a meeting is completed, Griot's Eye digitally processes each illustration and delivers a slide presentation in electronic form for PowerPoint or the Internet that is distributed to each attendee in a visually stunning document. Not only is graphic recording a unique and innovative learning experience for participants, but it is also a fun and exciting tool to help reinforce the big ideas and critical themes from meetings and workshops.

Griot's Eye can help you design your online and print presentation, develop a new logo, improve your overall visual identity, or find the right solution to your graphic needs. Our straightforward and distinctive brand of visual design works closely with the client at each step in the process and is focused on creating dynamic and appealing graphic solutions swiftly and efficiently.

the approach from beginning to end

Here at Griot's Eye, we believe a good graphic recorder is an informed and well-prepared graphic recorder. Therefore, we pride ourselves on doing upfront research about each client project by reading speaker bios, corporate mission statements, issue-related references, and relevant pre-reads provided by our clients that they believe may be of interest prior to each meeting. We bring a wide variety of knowledge accumulated from years of experience working with some of the most innovative meeting facilitators in the world of consulting.